Retail Visual Merchandising is a tool to create virtual merchandising concept in few hours and to communicate internally as well as externally how to implement a collection in Stores.

Store Building (A)

To create a Store, you can integrate a 2D architect plan and add easily all elements such as walls, doors, floor, lights, poster, display. RVM has a library of materials but you can also integrate your customised elements. You work in 2D and see automatically the result in 3D. You can create also your shop windows with mannequins pictures. A 3D modeler for shoes and accessories is integrated in the RVM solution.

Zoning Plan creation (B)

To create a zoning plan, you have tools and arrows to shape cold and hot zones. It calculates automatically the concerned surfaces.

Furnitures Integration (C)

Your furnitures, previously created in a 3D tool, can be imported easily with universal files. The detection of flat surfaces (to place folded clothes) or rod (to place clothes on hangers) is done automatically thanks to a algorithm. It helps a lot to place all products in your merchandising concept. You can move the furnitures, with measures.

2 way to integrate products in 3D

You can import and model your product in 3D individually or in pack.
  • Importation of vectorial drawings or Sketches from your PLM to realize beforehand your merchandising chart and visualize your future collection. (D)
  • Importation of cropped pictures (Packshots). Scanshoots system allows the automatical importation of cropped pictures with their measures. Picture scan be taken with or without hangers. (E)

Merchandising adaptation vs sale

To improve your merchandising plan, meaning also your sale, you can integrate sale data from your ERP system (Sale price, Margin, Stock quantity, …) and adapt your merchandising strategy !
RVM solution is compatible with all SGBD.

Retail Visual Merchandising accessible via the Cloud

The creation or operation of merchandising display can also be accessed from the web from an access management administrators / users. The outlets will be able to connect remotely and make a virtual visit to meet safety seat instructions for the entire chain match the visual identity of the brand.